best creepy videos on youtube

You like something sinister?
If yes, you will probably love this article. The theme today is that there are creepy video in youtube. You can access it by clicking on the link. Let’s check this out

White with red
This video tell a story of a man is told not to look into the hotel room next to him. His curiosity will not denied, and then he peek in to the room “spoiler”, haha. You can see this movie on link bellow.

Directed by Brandon Christensen
for the full story: white with red movie

Lot 254
i don''t know why, after saw this videos i remember the theater next to my home. this movie tell a story about camera collector that buy an 8 mm movie camera with a very peculiar component installed. he soon learns that was in there for very good reason.
Directed by Toby Meakins
for the full storyLot 254 movie

This movie tell about robot that has complex curiosity. as a result it's compelled to kidnap women. no more word to say, you can see the movie in youtube.

Directed by Rob McLellan

for the full storyAbe movie

Don't Move

Oh boi, this movie made my creeps. the movie tell that a group of friends summon a blind and deaf but sill deadly monster. they receive message that it will kill them all except one as long as they can evade its attention. yep, don't move guys, or it will chase you

Directed by: Anthony Melton

for the full story: Don't move movie

ok guy's i think i will stop it and continue tomorrow, it's 24:00 here, i feel strange


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