creepy videos on youtube part 2

The Whistler

in the apartment, there are couple's that living in. everyday they disturb by creepy dead birds. the apartment is invaded by mysterious creature that have birdsong

this short movie directed by Bryce James McGuire

for the full story:the whistler

The Faeries of Blackheath Woods

once upon a time, a family went to picnic in the wonderful woods. as the daughter went to forest, she found curious signs thatfairies are real. but the reality is so wrong about those fairies. not creepy enough, but it worth to see.

this short movie directed by Ciaran Foy

for the full story: Faeries of blackheath woods

Deathly Present

On Christmas Eve, a family goes down stairs. they hear something banging upstairs, but find nothing up there. then the son notice a new present under the tree with unpleasant under the tree with unpleasant wrapping

this short movie directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton

for the full story:deathly present


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